The Fish House

Fresh Seafood Meals: Dive into the Ocean’s Bounty

Welcome to The Fish House, where we serve the finest and freshest seafood delicacies. Our commitment is to bring the vast expanse of the ocean directly to your plate, ensuring a culinary experience that resonates with authenticity and flavor.

The Best Seafood Meals in Miami

Happy Hour 
Tuesday – Friday

Raw Oysters

On the Half-Shell

12.00 doz

3:00-PM to 6:00-PM

Beer on Tap 4.00

Music Nights

The Fish House


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We take pride every day in serving our local community. We make sure you’re not only eating the freshest catch but are also enjoying your time with us.
When you walk in, you will already feel at home. With our fantastic staff and chefs, you will get the best dining experience you’ve ever had.

About us

For over 25 years, The Fish House has been Miami’s premier destination for authentic seafood delicacies. Located in the heart of Miller Road, we celebrate the ocean’s bounty with culinary precision. Our heritage, rooted in Miami’s rich food culture, promises an unparalleled seafood experience. Immerse yourself in our tradition of excellence and savor the flavors of decades of experience.